One Piece Film Red Impressions Spoilers Commentary Discussion! Uta Really Shanks’ Daughter?

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One Piece Uta: Is she really Shanks’ daughter?, “Is she related to Shanks and his past?” “Who is my mother?” and “Who is her mother? In this article, we will look at the mysterious girl, Uta, who appears in the latest One Piece movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, a popular manga. What on earth is her true identity, and is she really Shanks’ daughter? Let’s take a look at the “ONE PIECE FILM RED Spoilers! Is Uta really Shanks’ daughter? and I would like to introduce the article! This article will only take 3 minutes to read, so please read it all the way to the end!

ONE PIECE FILM RED Synopsis Introduction

Well, let’s start with an overview of this film and then talk about my own considerations in turn before talking about my impressions of the 15th One Piece Film “ONE PIECE FILM RED.


Uta, a diva who sings without revealing her true identity, has been described as “otherworldly” and has been causing a frenzy around the world.

Utah’s first public appearance was about to take place on an island.

Among the fans from all over the world who had come to enjoy her voice were not only the pirates but also the Navy, including Luffy and his band of straw men.

But just as the concert was about to begin, it was revealed that Uta was the daughter of the red-haired Shanks. (Excerpt from Movie Walker)

Source: ONE PIECE official YouTube channel


Producer, director, principal voice actor, singer

This movie film is directed by Eiichiro Oda, the author of the original story, as the general producer, and by Goro Taniguchi, who previously directed, storyboarded, and composed the “Code Geass” series as an animated film.

The leading voice actors continue from the TV series. The voice of Uta is played by Kaori Nazuka. The songs will be sung by famous singer Ado with overwhelming vocal ability.

Gordon is played by Kenjiro Tsuda. Chise Niitsu, daughter of Makoto Shinkai, also plays the role of a girl in the audience. Hiroki Yamada, Rough, Seiya, and others will also play guest voice actors.

Source: Ado official Youtube channel [Ado] Album “Uta no uta no uta ONE PIECE FILM RED” trailer

List of all cast and performers

大谷育江 Ikue Otani
役トニートニー・チョッパー Tony Tony Chopper
山口由里子 Yuriko Yamaguchi
役ニコ・ロビン Nico Robin
矢尾一樹 Kazuki Yao
役フランキー Frankie
チョー Cho
役ブルック Brook
宝亀克寿 Katsutoshi Hogame
役ジンベエ Zimbe
名塚佳織 Kaori Nazuka
役ウタ Uta
役ウタ:歌唱 Uta: Singing
津田健次郎 Kenjiro Tsuda
役ゴードン Gordon
池田秀一 Shuichi Ikeda
役シャンクス Shanks
山田裕貴 Yuuki Yamada
粗品(霜降り明星) Soshina Shimobori Meisei
せいや(霜降り明星) Seiya Shimobori Meisei
役クラゲ海賊団・カギノテ Kurage Pirates Captain Eboshi
新津ちせ Niitsu Chise
役ウタに憧れる少女・ロミィ Lomi
梶裕貴 Yuuki Kaji
役羊飼いの少年・ヨルエカ Yorueka
田原アルノ Arno Tahara
役ベン・ベックマン Ben Beckman
土門仁 Hitoshi Domon
役ラッキー・ルウ Lucky Lu
小林通孝 Michitaka Kobayashi
役ヤソップ Yashopu
小野健一 Kenichi Ono
中村浩太郎 Kotaro Nakamura
役ボンク・パンチ Bonk Punch
島田敏 Satoshi Shimada
役モンスター Monster
二又一成 Kazunari Futamata
役ビルディング・スネイク Building Snake
緑川光 Hikaru Midorikawa
役ホンゴウ Hongo
中田譲治 Joji Nakata
役ハウリング・ガブ Howling Gabu
斎藤志郎 Shiro Saito
役ロックスター Rockstar

出典:ORICON News


ONE PIECE FILM RED Spoiler Description Discussion

In conclusion, this will be a classic movie you should never watch!!!

Everyone’s Comments and Ratings

Let’s get started and see what people are saying! Let’s see the Twitter comments and videos. You’ll know it when you see it! (Spoiler alert)

Whether you genuinely like the movie or One Piece, “… You should definitely go to the movies or something…” because they have said so.

What do you think? It’s crazy, isn’t it?

What is the name of Uta’s ability? What kind of devil fruit did he eat?

Then, it is confirmed that the common point of the name of the devil’s fruit until now is “XX x 2 fruit”.

Gomugomu no Mi, Hitohito no Mi, Melamera no Mi, etc.

Considering this, the possible candidates for the name of Uta’s ability are as follows.

  • Uta-Uta no mi(Singing)
  • Oto-Oto no mi(Music)
  • Ono-Ono no mi(Noted)

I am wondering what kind of fruit it is.

(Spoiler alert from below)

The name of Uta’s ability is the fruit of Uta-Uta, and it is the ability to put the person who hears him sing to sleep and lead him to his own virtual world, “Uta World.” Uta can create anything in the world he imagines and is truly a god of the “Uta World.

And once a person hears Utah sing, Utah seems to be able to move his or her body as he or she wishes when the person is sleeping in the real world, which is quite a dangerous ability.

Is such a world-renowned diva Uta really the “daughter of Shanks” of the Four Emperors?

Is Uta really Shanks’ daughter?

Source: ONE PIECE official website

So, I am wondering, is Uta really Shanks’ daughter? Who is her mother?

According to the released special report video, “Shanks” called her his “daughter.

This information alone is surprising, but then who is her “mother”?

And is she really Shanks’ biological child? When and with whom did Shanks marry?

Again, I am getting more and more curious.

I am wondering if she is really Shanks’s biological child.

… (Spoiler alert from below)

Shanks says to Uta, “You are my daughter for life. In other words, the two are not blood-related but have a bond that is as strong as that of a birth parent and child. In the film, it is revealed that they are not real daughters.

Is One Piece’s Uta mother a Lunar-Learian?

In the book, there was no information about Uta’s biological parents, but I asked, “Is Uta’s mother a Lunarian?” I shared my thoughts on this point.

The image above is a conversation between Big Mam and King.

Big Mam seems to know that King is a survivor of the Lunarian tribe.

He also has feathers on his back.

This actually suggests the possibility that there are survivors of the Lunarian tribe like King, just not depicted in work.

For more information.

(Japanese Article) Identifying who is the One Piece Utah mother? A thorough investigation of her abilities as well!

I look forward to more of these mysteries, as they continue to unravel!


Now, let’s summarize the article at this point.

1. “Uta’s ability name is Uta-Uta fruit, which can take those who hear its singing voice to the virtual world of “Uta World.”

2. “Uta was not Shanks’ real daughter! However, even though they were not blood-related, there was no doubt that they were bound together by a bond as strong as that of the family!”

The above two points are the key points of this article.

Now, what did you think after reading this far?

In this article, we will discuss “One Piece Film Red Impressions Spoilers Commentary Discussion! Uta, is she really Shanks’ daughter? I wrote this article under the title of “Is Uta really Shanks’ daughter?

I hope you found the contents of the discussion interesting,” “I’m looking forward to new information! I’m glad you found the article interesting, and I’m looking forward to hearing new information!

I don’t want to spoil too much, so I would like to end this article here.

The original author, Mr. Oda, says that if you want to know more, please go to the movie theater and feel it with your own eyes! So, I would like to leave the spoilers at this point.

Thank you for sticking with us to the end! Please look forward to the next one. (I’m not a good writer in English, but I appreciate your support.)